"Viniyoga is giving what is appropriate by an appropriate person to an appropriate person. It is not casual or routine." - Dr. N Chandrasekaran

Healing Well Yoga builds upon a yoga tradition called Viniyoga, first developed by T. Krishnamacharya and TKV Desikachar. Viniyoga addresses health and wellness from an integrative approach for the mind and body. Usually taught one-to-one, it is tailored to each unique individual and his or her goals.

Working at your own pace, through a regular practice you will begin to experience the benefits:

  • better health measures
  • improved physical fitness
  • increased flexibility
  • reduced stress
  • improved relationships
  • greater clarity in how you live your life

Healing Well Yoga aims to help each student of Viniyoga achieve a more balanced state by combining the medical background of founder Mary White with a proven, therapeutic yoga practice.

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