Studio Teachers

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Pamela Hicks

Pamela Hicks is a yoga teacher specializing in Yoga as therapy. She was certified to teach yoga in 2013 with Leah Lellios King and Liz Workman Mead through Kali Yuga Yoga in Nashville.

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Adriana Hermel

Adriana Hermel is a Yoga teacher in the tradition of T. Krishnamacharya, also known as Viniyoga. She has studied this lineage since 2013.


Laura K Sparer

Laura passion and goal is to bring yoga to the unfit, the overweight, the middle­aged. “I feel these are segments of the population that are critically under­served by the yoga community as it is practiced in America today. And we really need some yoga!”


Melissa Kemple

“Yoga became part of my lifestyle in January of 2014. Before yoga, gymnastics was my life. Spending roughly 20 years within that world, I was searching for something more meaningful.”

Andy K

Andy Coppola

Andy Coppola first discovered yoga’s benefits in 2000 while working as an artist in Orlando, FL. Yoga was a compliment to his other physical exercise and his challenging artwork; it also supported his changing needs for self-care.

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Becca Broughton

Becca Broughton practices and teaches personalized yoga, Vedic chanting and is dedicated to getting people connected to what lights them up—using yoga, art, sound, and performance.