Laura K Sparerteacher

    Laura K Sparer, RYT­200, sees her teaching as a continuation of her own unique yoga journey.
    “In 2005, I weighed in at 320 pounds and was dangerously unhealthy. I decided that I wasn’t ready to die quite yet. I started changing my diet and got myself to 285 pounds over a year or so. At the time, my daughter was not loving lacrosse and wanted to find another way to exercise, so she asked me to take her to a yoga class. By the end of this pretty vigorous Vinyasa class, where I could hardly do
    anything, I was thinking ‘I want to do this forever.’ I found a gentle yoga class – everyone else over 65 and blowing me out of the water! I expected a good stretch, but was surprised at how strengthening yoga was. I kept losing weight and my body started changing. And then I started changing in other ways. Becoming an optimist, losing the sarcasm, accessing and expressing feelings with more honesty and courage. Little things like that! By the time I had lost seven pant sizes, I started thinking I’d like to share this life-management and all around health­promoting way of being with others, especially those who share my particular struggle. My yoga studio posted a notice for Yoga Well Institute teacher training. I attended a weekend seminar to vet out the head of the school, and off I went from there. 2015 was an intensive year of study and practice and transformation, for the 200-hour Foundations of Yoga Therapy certification.
    In my day job, I am a ‘servant leader’, coach, and facilitator for teams of software developers at a national health insurance company. I’ve worked in IT for more than 35 years and am enjoying the shift to work that values the right brain emotional-intelligence more. My special passion and goal as I begin my teaching journey is to bring yoga to the unfit, the overweight, the middle­aged. I feel these are segments of the population that are critically under­served by the yoga community as it is practiced in America today. And we really need some yoga!”

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