Melissa Kempelteacher

    “Yoga became part of my lifestyle in January of 2014. Before yoga, gymnastics was my life. Spending roughly 20 years within that world, I was searching for something more meaningful. I moved into this transition quickly, realizing that yoga had a way of providing insight to many of the unanswered questions I had throughout life. It became a tool for me to change aspects of my life and choose new ways to approach things. I gained new perspectives and a tool that I continue to use today. One of the most prominent shifts has been approaching new tasks with openness and ease instead of rigidity, tension, force even (as I had in the gym). Being new to the completion of yoga teacher training, I look forward to new experiences that yoga continues to offer each and every day. I am grateful for the connection it has allowed for within my spirituality and myself.”

    Andy KLaura