Vedic Chant Series with Becca Broughton

Vedic chanting is a ritual and practice passed on orally over centuries. The Vedas are ancient texts that birthed the sat darśana or six philosophies of Indian thought—including what is Vedanta, another of which is Yoga. The Vedas are said to be śruti, or heard (as opposed to composed), and so have been passed on exactly from teacher to students for millennia. Within the Vedic chanting structure there is a lot of opportunity to listen, heal, and expand.

You don’t have to be a good singer, or a singer at all to participate. In fact, if you’ve grown up being told you’re a “little tone deaf,” sometimes chanting is just the ticket. Vedic Chanting can help us to relax, listen, heal, communicate and empower ourselves in a very special way.

Vedic Chant Series is offered in 4-week segments on Monday nights. Each month, we will explore a chant or a series of chants, as well as revisit and refine old friends.

Come join us to develop new skills, friends, peace and power!